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Fox Trio CD


With a strong demand for a strictly acoustic guitar CD, Alex Fox has proudly released “Fox Trio” which include his two talented sons, Sebastian & David. An instrumental CD featuring 12 original pieces composed by the Foxs´ and 8 famous classics such as “Desperado”, “Life is Beautiful” and “Cavatina”. Relax and unwind with the sound of these romantic and seductive guitars which only the Fox family can offer you.

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1. La Ventana
2. Buram Bumbeira
3. Otschi Tschornyje
4. Desperado
5. Cavatina
6. Quiero Ser Tu Sombra
7. To the Gypsies
8. Windmills of your mind
9. Camino
10. Buon Giorno Principessa
11. Cumparcita
12. Mexican Soul
13. Galleguita
14. Milonga Poupurri
15. Wings to fly
16. happy Arturo
17. David’s Song
18. Sofia
19. Romance
20. Nuevos Aires


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